1 Month Update

Mood: I’m feeling pretty good right now, even  after just coming out of an intense gym session with the worst-best instructor ever! I feel like ending my week with a tough class always makes me feel better heading into the weekend and I discovered my iPod which has been lying under a lot of junk … More 1 Month Update


This is a very important question to address whenever you decide to make a lifestyle change. “Why?”is a question that you can ask yourself whenever you feel demotivated and are at the point when you feel as though there’s no point in carrying on when the results are taking forever to show up. Before I … More Why?

Black Girl Magic

Gone is the girl who was so afraid of being seen by people. She doesn’t hide in the back of the class anymore or keep her voice low in an attempt to remain invisible. She used to lock her ideas and stories inside her mind, afraid that she would intimidate others with the power of her … More Black Girl Magic

10 Things to know when moving to Italy/Abroad

You will most definitely experience culture shock on different levels. Just keep an open mind and expect anything and everything. Bring whatever goodies you can from back home. You will need this when you’re going through those periods of homesickness. Speaking of homesickness, you will experience this. Learn the language as much as you can … More 10 Things to know when moving to Italy/Abroad

10 Misconceptions about Africans that still exist in 2016

  This first one is not a misconception, it’s quite true, I have watched the first Lion King and it remains my all time favorite childhood cartoon. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a real life story, I’ll ask Pumba’s great grandchild when I go back home. Back in Africa we all live in mud … More 10 Misconceptions about Africans that still exist in 2016